Thursday, April 21, 2011 or nextbus who do we trust?

Next bus said the 23 would be arriving in 25 minutes sfmuni stated 4minutes. The people at 6sfmuni insist nextbus is correct. They are all wrong the bus came within 2 minutes. Wow get you shit together MUNI

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Give me a raise!

Really?? I thought Muni had no money and that's why we are now paying them more and getting less service. Why are SF Muni drivers getting a raise?? Now they make $30 an hour, and they are the 2nd highest paid public transportation drivers! What is going on with this system???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sit somewhere Else!

So I'm sitting alone no one near me, plenty of seats all around. This lady comes on the bus with a few bags in her hand, she proceeds my way. I was sitting facing the front in the outside seat leaving the window seat next to me empty. She decides to skip over all the empty seats in front of me all frantic. STEPS on my bare feet (wearing flip flops) and forces her and her million bags into the window seat next to me! I up and left and I got the dirty looks, WHAT!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Muni Whirwind

Outer sunset to 24th and Guerreo, this should be a 50minute ride on muni tops! Like usual I give myself an extra 15-20 minutes to get somewhere on muni knowing something will always happen! I look up what buses to take on and what time they should be coming. Muni, why is it always a guessing game? Why do you say buses will come during a certain time and take it off the schedule without updating your site or updating your call center (6-sfmuni), this is why riders HATE YOU! So saying that let me vent my build up of frustrations with you today muni, partially my fault and majority yours. I leave the house at 3:00pm go to the bus stop a block away and wait, and wait, and wait. Ok the bus should of came at 3:14. I think I would call translink and figure out if it's normal to have to tap the card 5-10 times before it works. The answer I got, you need to pay us $5 to get a new card. Uhh, this card is defective why do I need to pay MORE money to muni for a defective card muni sent me? I have no bents, tears, chip is not falling out, perfect looking card, obviously NOT MY FAULT! I would think the smart thing they can do is send me a new card on them since it's their mistake and in the mean time let me use my defective card until I get the new card, NO! I would have to send my defective card to a lab where they will test my card to see if it's a defect or it was caused by me, that meant I would be out of a card for 4 days and I would have to pay out of pocket for muni when I have already paid them $20+ for my translink card. And if they decide somehow it's my fault I am out of a card and forced to pay them more money for a replacement. Does this make ANY Sense??? This is a great scam muni. You know what I will just keep my defective card and piss everyone behind me off and make the buses I get on even later. People standing behind me while I stand at the entrance tapping my card 10plus times trying to make it work, don't get pissed at me, blame it on Muni. After this conversation with translink the bus is still not here! Really?? So now knowing they want more money form me to ride a bus that is not showing up, standing in the freezing cold, my blood is boiling! I call SFmuni and chewed this poor lady out and apologized to her at the end because it's not her fault muni sucks! 3:14 bus never showed up, I boarded the bus at 3:45, then missed my stop (this part my fault!). Then I had to backtrack and finally got to my destination almost 2 hours later! A 45 minute ride became a 2 hr ride. Going home going the same route, I find out the 48 does not go back to 46th and Quintara past 7pm. Freakin awsome! Thank god I bumped into a friend who gave me a ride from West Portal, thanks K! And this is why muni BITES!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Funny had to share.. I'm not alone...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why I hate Muni you would ask...

Waiting at Duboce and Church, 20 minutes still no N Judah. Finally I see light in the tunnel! Oh no it's the J. 30 minutes later, FINALLY! I get on to a packed N, ok used to this. Uhh are we going? 10 minutes later..are we going or not? Damn door broke! Can you please let us know if it's fixable or not!! I'm guessing after 15minutes of standing around, it's not going to be fixed anytime soon. Get off bus to catch the 71. I turn around and I see the N Judah moving!! WTF!! I walk up to Filmore and Haight and what do I see passing by? Of course the 71L!! WTF!! God 15 minutes later I am finally on my way home. How long was I stuck in one place?? Almost an hour!! MUNI That's why you suck!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Rude! Cold Hearted, Ignorant! Why? I don't understand how these young people on the bus sitting in the front or even back see an older person, OR pregnant person, OR even a lady with a child on her hip and decides to pretend not to see these people who obviously needs to sit more than they do but they don't get their asses up! What is wrong with these people??? Seriously What is wrong??