Saturday, September 19, 2009


Rude! Cold Hearted, Ignorant! Why? I don't understand how these young people on the bus sitting in the front or even back see an older person, OR pregnant person, OR even a lady with a child on her hip and decides to pretend not to see these people who obviously needs to sit more than they do but they don't get their asses up! What is wrong with these people??? Seriously What is wrong??

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Lulu said...

I was in LA for work and as I was getting on a hotel-to-airport shuttle, we noticed that we were getting crammed in. My coworker said, "Good luck finding a seat!" and I replied, "Oh, fat chance." This lady behind me (not a coworker but a fellow hotel client) said, "Oh no, we're getting you a seat." And as we were getting in, she asked loudly, "Is there anyone who will give up their seat for a pregnant woman?" And a middle aged woman got up right away. Not any of the men but a not-so-young woman. I told her that it was OK but she insisted.