Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hitchhiker 3.3.08

Yes, I said Hitchhiker! This is the first time I've ever seen this. So going home on the N Judah walking with 2 friends, all of a sudden one screams look at that hitchhiker. I was thinking what the hell are you talking about? I look over and some crazy man was sitting on this mtal piece on the back of the muni, the metal piece that connects one train to another! Yes it was outside of the damn train! I tried taking a picture but it came out blurry. Then I thought maybe someone should tell the driver not to go since this man can die that's all. Then I thought wow no one is doing anything but stare at this crazy man about to kill himself, and one guy tried to tell the driver but it was too late. There he went riding on the outside of the muni straight into the tunnel. I tried calling 6sfmuni to warn someone but of course I was put on hold, then I thought too late! This guy is either a goner or he could make it to wherever he was going. There were no deaths no crazy bumps when our train went through behind that train so I think the man survived. If not look out for his ghost the next time you go through the underground!


webdog said...

I've seen this on the L Taraval as well. What are these people thinking?

MattyMatt said...

Yikes, that's scary. A homeless guy died doing that a few months ago -- he was riding on the connector between two cars, and when it made the sharp turnaround at the end of the N, he was crushed. Bleck.